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Day 11! - Turning Point in my Life!

January 7, 2017

Ooh! This one's an interesting one! You get a story about it, too!


 When I was in sixth grade, I was VERY dramatic. Every little thing that went wrong, I went crazy over. Like forgetting homework at school, I remember, used to be one of the WORST things any sixth grader could ever have happen. Or, if I made a silly mistake in front of my friends. But, over time, I learned that it was better to draw out what I was feeling than talking people who probably have better things to do than listen to complaints. 


So, I started a journal. Actually, it's not really a journal; more like a comic book! I kept writing and drawing and writing and drawing everything that was happening around me. It was kind of like my 'escape', I guess. 


I've been keeping a journal for...three whole years now. Actually, it's four years! 2017! I've gone through about 3-5 notebooks so far! But so much has happened in the past couple years, good and bad, so drawing and writing my own life really helped me. And it's interesting how I changed through the years!


I also have actually 'characters' in my journal. My journal's name is Book or sometimes I call it Natalie. All my stuffed animals are characters and some of my role models, too! 


Oh, and I found out that one of my MOST FAVORITE AUTHORS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Raina Telgemeier, used to draw a comic about her day, too! She's so cool and I hope that maybe one day I could meet her!



And here is a timelapse of how I drew Day 10:




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