Here are the short films I wrote, animated, and acted in!

Deep Sea

Roshini, a girl trapped in the deep ocean, is determined to get back home. The ocean isn't a place to let your guard down right?

'You might not see sunlight for a while but here, now, there's still light and beauty, no matter how strange, no matter how little.'

Targét Trip | a silly short film

Just a totally regular trip to the grocery store! Uhh is that a frog hitman in a red tie??

My little brother and I made this film in 3 hours.

Fun Things to do in Quarantine!

Alvie and Ash, two fairy siblings, show you all the cool things they've been doing during quarantine!


A cashier tries boba for the first time.

This film was made in one week during the CSSSA Animation Program at CalArts.

Life Drawing

A drawing comes to life and learns the joy of creation.

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